Property Brief

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We can provide a general summary of property information for a general understanding of geotechnical requirements for proposed building development. Please complete the form below and submit. The request will be processed following confirmation of payment. Payment details will be delivered by email upon receipt of your request.

Property information use:

Pre-purchase (supporting info) • Expected Soil Type/Underlying Geology • Expected Foundation Requirements • Prospective Subdivision Requirements • General Soil Drainage Potential • Expected Wastewater & Stormwater Drainage System Requirements • General Slope Stabilty • General Planning Information


The information contained in this report is for general purposes only and provides useful non-specifc geological information. The information has been attained from both published geological text and existing knowledge of the geology within the greater Waikato region. This infomation should be treated as preliminary only and may not represent the actual geology or site topography in entirety. It should be understood that geological and soil conditions vary over short distances and are also subject to variations in regional topographical conditions. Under no circumstance should this information be utilized for due diligence or design purposes and should precede a concise geotechnical investigation to confirm actual subsurface conditions. Furthermore, this information should not be used for the purpose of negotiation with a vendor or used in support of a building consent application.